About Us

Global Health Focus (GHF) is an organization that aims to develop critical thinkers and leaders in global health who will contribute in building a healthier and more equitable world. One of the flagship activities is the popular GHF Global Health Course. To date, almost 10,000 students and young professionals have graduated from the course held in many countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. GHF is now the largest organization that delivers transformative global health courses and will soon be expanding to the Americas and the Pacific.

GHF has been developing different fields in global health and has been converting them into short courses delivered in different countries. These fields or subthemes emerge as the understanding and definition of the field of global health is molded across time. Aside from the standard global health courses, GHF has piloted Global Health Pharmacy in Malaysia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Global Health Diplomacy has been delivered in Kyrgyzstan. At present, we are developing Global Health Nutrition, Global Health Nursing and Global Health Surgery . GHF deems the development of these subthemes crucial, as the courses become a platform in shaping the understanding of global health as participants interact, discuss and debate and as they start to conduct researches and hold initiatives under these area.

Graduates from the GHF courses have gone to become key influencers of policy and practice locally, nationally and internationally. Most have been awarded as young leaders in global health while others have engaged in research projects that aim to reduce inequities worldwide and improve health outcomes for everyone.